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Decent Life
Decent Life Live!
The Spectra Pipeline
A representative from discusses the NJ-NY Expansion and the dangers of nagtural gas pipelines.(top)
JOBS Act & Vanessa-Mae
The JOBS Act is another well-intentioned idea that will have adverse effects on the average person.  Also, music videos from Vanessa-Mae, an internationally known violinist.  DL's Vanessa-Mae Playlist (top)
Jesus Christ Superstar
The play, which debuted on Broadway in 1971, and the movie, which premiered in1973, still stir controversy today.  Decent Life discusses clips from the movie.  As a primer, please view Decent Life's episode from 10/20/2011 called 'Old Time Religion' in Season One. (top)
99% Spring Training
A representative from discusses the 99% Spring Training, Tax Day Events, and much more. (top)
Love Generation
Our society has splintered and everyone is pointing fingers at each other for our woes.  We have lost our ability to 'Love'.  Decent Life states the way to becoming the 'Love Generation'. (top)
May Day
What is International Workers Day? When and where did it start? Does the International Monetary Fund agree that the Income Gap is hindering the economic recovery?  Plus, DL's suggestion to the billionaires of the Giving Pledge. (top)
Harold Channer
Interview with Public Access TV Legend, Harold Channer. Clips include Buckminster Fuller(Systems Theorist), Louis Kelso(Economist), Gil Noble(Producer & Reporter), and Muammar Gaddafi(Libyan Ruler). (top)
Drones are being used more frequentlly in warfare but surprisingly they are being used over the skies of the United States. A representative from will discuss the repercussions and dangers of drones. (top)
Economic Democracy
What is Economic Democracy and the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT)? Guest, Nada Khader from, provides a basic understanding of the ideas. (top)
Geoism and the Land Value Tax
Geoism, based on the writings of economist Henry George, is an economic philosophy which promotes a single tax on the value of land. This theory proposes to eliminate/ reduce all other taxes and promote income equality. Common Ground NYC will discuss these topics. (top)
Flag Day
Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened on June 14, 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. June 14, 1775 is the US Army's Birthday(American Continental Army). But most of all, it is celebrated as my birthday! (top)
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