All honest, hardworking people, deserve a home, nutritious food, retirement income, and healthcare.  No one should settle for less.  Less should be a choice and not a mandate.  All children should start life on a level playing field.  All children should be able to go to Disneyworld!
Being a dishwasher, taxi driver, teacher, police officer, waste collector etc… should not mean that you are not as important as a CEO, professional athlete, or movie star or your job is less valuable than a CEO, professional athlete, or movie star.

Through God's Grace, a person is given the opportunity to be a CEO, professional athlete, or movie star.  It should not be wasted enriching oneself at the expense of others and nature.  This opportunity should be used to enhance everyone's life and nurture nature.  A person should consider this an honor and only becomes a burden, when a person believes that they are better than everyone else and deserve more.

Replacing Competition with Collaboration as our foundation will give each of us an equitable stake in our economy and society.  Everyone will earn a viable income to 'Live' instead of 'Exist'.  We will view each other as peers and valuable contributors to our society.  The playing field will be leveled.  Hunger and homelessness will be just words.

Equitable Development is a system based on Collaboration.
To implement this system we need to:
  • Close the 'Income Gap'.  As a result, the upper, middle, and lower income classes will be merge into the 'We' class.  Closing the gap will put more money in more pockets.  With everyone having more money to spend, demand for products and services will rise.  As a result more jobs will be created which, in turn, will have a positive effect throughout the economy including taxes, public assistance, social security benefits, and the public debt.
  • Learn to 'Love Our Neighbors'.  Instead of passing judgements on each other, we need to unconditionally accept and understand each other via empathy.  We need to stop our reflexive thinking and turn the 'Me' society into the 'We' society.  By collaborating, you will have billions of people assisting you. 

Competition has been the foundation of our economy and society throughout history.  The story always remains the same.  A small group of people wanting control of everything.  Whether it is a dictatorship, monarchy, communism, socialism, or capitalism, it is the same story.  With communism, wealth and power was transferred to the state.  Socialism was adopted to buy off people and Capitalism has expedited the inequality under the guise of freedom.
Capitalism is competition.  Equitable Development is collaboration.  Everyone wins with collaboration.  Someone loses with competition.  Nobody likes losing.  Capitalism laced with the Trickle-Down Theory is a toxic brew.  Capitalism and competition are not the answers and will never be.  For proof, just look at our movies, TV shows, and songs for the past century.  The themes have never changed.  For example, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (1939) depicts US politics of that period but this movie still rings true today.  Immigration made a cameo appearance in "Harper" (1966), where one character was smuggling Mexicans into the US to work on farms.  Over 70 years ago, "The Great Dictator" (1940) speech could have been given today.  From 1979, Jimmy Carter's speech is a prophecy.

In fact, throughout our world history, our social and economic ills have not been cured.  We have just been practicing different flavors of competition.

We need COLLABORATION not Competition.
We need a DECENT LIFE.(top)
Every Honest, Hardworking
 Person Deserves a
Decent Life!
"Every man takes the limits of his own field of  vision for the limits of the world"
Arthur Schopenhauer - Studies in Pessimism
Throughout history, Change only 'Reset the Pendulum' due to the short-comings of Competition.  We need to create Enduring Change through Collaboration.
Experts cannot effect enduring change.  They only know what they have been taught.
Iustus Ordo Seclorum