Every Honest, Hardworking
 Person Deserves a
Decent Life
By Loving Our Neighbor
The United States is a 'religious' nation.  In fact, most of the world pledges its faith to God.  Why hasn't it changed our society or economic policy?  Are we hypocrites?  Or do we not know how?

In the US, we have many religions with different practices and beliefs.  But there is one belief in common, Love of Our Neighbor.  We need to place this belief as the cornerstone of our new economic and social policy. 

We need to adhere to the: "Love Our Neighbor" Policy

This will be a shift in focus from oneself to serving others.  This is a shift from organizations, associations, and companies serving their self-interests to collaborating to serve our country and world.

How do we 'Love Our Neighbor':

Everyone is born as a block of marble.  It is our life experiences that sculpt us. We need to understand those events and feel for each other.  We need to stop our reflexive thinking and labeling of people.  If we walked in each others shoes, this would be a different world.
Loving our neighbor is to empathize.

Everyone is born with God-given talent.  We are born with different talents because there are many roles.  These roles are intertwined and are meant to interact with each other to improve our lives and nature.  We are not here to enrich ourselves.
Loving our neighbor is to serve each other.

We are one.  Our DNA is 99.9% identical and our family tree can be traced to one 'root'.  We should not be pitting ourselves against each other, such as Management versus Staff, Whites versus Blacks versus Latinos, and Christians versus Jews versus Muslims.
Loving our neighbor is recognizing everyone as our peers and with love and respect.

There is one pie.  So when bigger and more slices go to one individual or company, more have to struggle over the fewer and smaller slices.  If the entertainment industry took a smaller slice, wouldn't tickets be cheaper?  If the sports industry took a smaller slice, wouldn't we go to more games with our families?  Wouldn't products and services be cheaper and everyone's purchasing power be increased if all companies compressed their compensation?
Loving our neighbor is not putting them through financial hardship.

Variations on the 'Adam and Eve' story are told by various religions.  Adam and Eve blamed the devil for making them eat the apple.  Actually, Adam and Eve were responsible because they decided to eat the apple.  The devil did not force it down their throats.  We would have a better world today, if "Adam and Eve" took responsibility for their actions instead of blaming the devil.
Loving our neighbor is being accountable for your actions.

The human body contains elements from the universe which have been shaped by nature.  Our existence depends on being in balance with the earth and universe. When a cup of hot coffee is left on a table, it cools to room temperature.  It requires to be in tune with its surroundings and so must we.
Loving our neighbor is being in harmony with the world, universe, and its inhabitants.

God has entrusted us with a body and mind to maintain and improve.  We need to make sure our bodies and minds are running optimally.  As a result, we will be less of a burden to others and our economic and social systems.  We will be more ably to serve others.
Loving our neighbor is improving/maintaining your body and mind.

As I created my child, I am part of my child.  As God created us and all things, God is part of us and all things.  We have to change our mindset from viewing others and nature as objects to seeing God in ourselves and all things.  Hurting others and abusing nature is hurting and abusing yourself.
Loving our neighbor is loving yourself, nature, and God.(top)

"Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities." - Pope Francis I